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Hikes from Natura Lodge

 Starting from Natura Lodge, you will find hikes for all tastes, for children, beginners and the experienced. We recommend a target loop, surrounde d by nature and accessible to children, to reach Barjac by a pretty hiking trail. Still starting from Natura Lodge, discover a second loop, a little longer through fields and forest, from where you can observe the famous "Anselm Kiefer" towers. Finally from Barjac or Natura Lodge, take the superb hike “ Dolmens et Capitelles ” at during which you will discover eleven Dolmens, two Capitelles, the Baume de Ronze, the old quarries and the fitness trail. 

The circuit of the most beautiful Villages of France Gard

Discover the circuit a nice loop to do b y car crossing three wonderful villages, to visit in the same day: Aiguèze, La Roque sur Cèze and Montclus.
Aiguèze overlooks the gorges of the Ardèche, on one side, and on the other, the vineyards of the Côtes du Rhône. Discover its ancient fortress combining simplicity and exceptional setting.
La Roque sur Cèze is built on a rocky peak, there you will discover an old bridge with twelve arches, an old castle, a Romanesque chapel and the Cascades du Sautadet .
Montclus will surprise you with the keep of the medieval castle, its fields of lavender and vines, its white stone residences and its swimming spots in the Cèze, at the foot of the village.
Note: if you have time, take a detour to the superb little village of Lussanand its astonishing Concluses.

The forest of Orgnac l'Aven and its treasure hunt

Single walk option:
In the heart of the Orgnac woods, discover the Maubois trail, a walking tour in two loops. 

Treasure Hunt option:
With friends or family, set off in search of the Maubois treasure. Questions, speed and observation challenges, mime game, map reading... a dozen challenges await you along a hiking trail in the shade of the oaks. You will discover the local heritage (dolmen, charcoal pit, lavogne, lapiaz...) and perhaps even the treasure of Maubois!
A permanent animation, free, to do independently all year round.
Easy 3.3 km trail, from 5 years old. Duration: 2 hours.
Map to be collected at the Aven d'Orgnac reception.

The Ardèche Gorges

The Ardèche Gorges can be explored by car, canoe or on foot!
We particularly recommend that you do one of these five superb unknown hikes: the Ibie Valley (Vallon), the Rieussec (Salavas), The Pissevieille Waterfall (Vallon), the Vieil-Audon Amphitheater (Balazuc), the Hermit Cave and the Sainte-Beaume Gorges (Saint Montan).
We also love the loops from the hamlet droppings at Cirque de Gaud and Chanet Dolmen trail .

30 minutes away: the Bois de Païolive

The Bois de Païolive is a splendid forest where you will observe rocks with atypical shapes, cliffs, caves and tunnels. We recommend that you take one of the three signposted circuits in the Bois de Païolive, one of which is accessible to children. Organize a beautiful getaway in nature!

Hikes with a guide

The Barjac tourist office and the “Racines et Patrimoine Occitan” association offer you a hiking program accompanied by a guide.

You can also book a wonderful hike with "David guides you", who will suggest tailor-made outings according to your wishes and your endurance (conscious walking, walking with swimming, walking at dawn or at dusk, etc.). Contact him on our behalf!

Nature Getaways", organized by the General Council, allow you to discover the sensitive natural areas of the Gard.

Introductory course in gold panning

Discover the flakes of GOLD carried by our Cévennes river, "la Cèze" near SAINT AMBROIX (20 minutes from Barjac).

At the edge of the Cévennes rivers, along the water, Lucile and Aléna sift the treasures and mysteries of the gold-bearing sands.
They in turn perpetuate an ancestral movement which was transmitted to them by a pioneer of gold panning.

An atypical yet ancestral activity, a family adventure to experience, share and reconnect with nature...
Reservation essential.

The Sautadet waterfalls

These magnificent waterfalls are located on the road to Bagnols sur Cèze, not far from Goudargues and 800 m from La Roque sur Cèze. The Cèze has dug channels and cavities which eventually meet and form crevasses into which the river rushes. The most spectacular features are the giant pots. You will be amazed!