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Our ecological commitments

Our different labels

Natura Lodge is an establishment labeled “Clef Verte”, “EcoLeader” and “Refuge LPO” (League for the Protection of Birds).

Find here our interview on the Clef Verte Label ;-)

In addition, our small estate:
* is a partner of “Planète Urgence”, an association to which we donate €1 each time a gift voucher is sold online as part of the operation €1 paid = 1 tree planted.
* sponsors a hive at an organic beekeeper in Lozère via the “A roof for bees” program.
* participates with “Greenminded” for recycling cigarette butts because 1 cigarette butt recycled = 500 liters of water preserved.

On a daily basis, we maximize our eco-responsible actions. Like the little hummingbird, we try every day to “do our part” and do everything we can to encourage our guests to try to do theirs. We want to preserve the Blue Orange, Mother Nature and our little corner of paradise.


In unusual accommodation

  • Use of energy-efficient LED light bulbs
  • Use of reducers and water savers in bathrooms
  • Installation of presence detectors for lighting in bathrooms
  • Beds equipped with 100% natural pillows in pure virgin wool, made in Ardèche and Ecocert certified
  • Distribution of organic hair and body soap (on request)
  • Protection of bedding with 100% cotton linen from organic farming, made in the Vosges and Ecocert certified
  • Provision of a carafe of water on the courtesy tray to encourage our guests to drink tap water

The organization at Natura Lodge

  • Practice of environmental management
  • Solar lighting of paths throughout the estate
  • Exclusive use of ecological and green products with the Ecocert label for the daily maintenance of the estate
  • Choice of materials and manufacturing processes
  • Rainwater harvesting for irrigation
  • Practical waste sorting with a compactor
  • Recycling of cigarette butts and surgical masks for the manufacture of furniture and awareness panels
  • Provision of a compost bin in the garden
  • Awareness of Zero-Waste and Biodiversity.
  • Stop wasting! No more pub flyers thrown in the trash! We only accept one copy of advertising per service provider, which we laminate and keep in a large binder. This "bible" of local tourist activities can be consulted 24 hours a day in the common room.

Our partners

  • Use of ecological paper for our communications with a printer labeled “Imprim’vert”
  • Care products in partnership with the “Body Nature” and “H2O” laboratories
  • Outsourced cleaning of sheets with BSJ, eco-labeled process laundry
  • "Popee" toilet paper, a 100% French manufacturing brand, from 100% recycled paper, without chlorine, dyes or bleaches. FYI, the average consumption at Natura Lodge is 3 rolls per day, i.e. more than 600 rolls per year ;-)
  • Recycling cigarette butts with GreenMinded, National Association for the Collection and Recycling of Cigarette Butts
  • Contract with "Planète Oui", 100% green electricity supplier
  • Proximity purchases from local producers for the design of breakfasts and packed lunches

Share our eco-citizen management

  • By limiting your water and energy consumption
  • By bringing your own towels if you stay less than 3 nights
  • Turn off the heating when you leave your room
  • By helping yourself at will but sparingly on the breakfast buffet so as not to throw away food
  • By compacting your recyclable waste and practicing selective sorting using the containers provided for this purpose
  • By emptying your ashtray into the recycling bottles provided for this purpose
  • By using our compost bins for your green waste
  • By evaluating the greenhouse gas emissions linked to your stay and making a climate contribution up to this carbon footprint with "ReforestAction "