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Natura Lodge Rental Terms and Conditions

1. Reservations / Rules:

The reservation becomes effective when the customer has sent a deposit of 25% (50% for groups) of the total rental amount, either by credit card, bank check, transfer or holiday vouchers (ANCV). You will then receive a confirmation email containing practical information relating to your stay. The balance of your rental must be paid no later than 1 month before the start of your stay.

Any reservation made less than 1 month before the start of the stay must be paid in full when booking.

Attention: in the absence of payment of the deposit within 8 days, Natura Lodge will be able to cancel your pre-reservation and put the accommodation back on the rental.

Natura Lodge reserves the right to refuse reservations for one or two nights on bank holiday weekends, bridges, school holidays and in July and August.

Any additional service will be payable on the day of departure, according to the current rates displayed on site: meals, drinks, additional beds, massages, etc. The prior confirmation sent before your arrival can therefore no longer be contractual if you have consumed additional services and/or if the number of people accommodated has changed.

Payment methods accepted on site: Bank checks / Holiday vouchers (ANCV) / Cash / Credit card.

2. COVID-19 health protocol:

We are doing everything we can to welcome our guests in the best conditions, respecting the health protocol in force.

In order to help us apply this protocol as well as possible, we ask our guests on the day of their departure:
- to put their sheets in the laundry basket in front of the reception
- to bring them back to the welcome their courtesy tray if it was used during the stay
- to throw their trash in the container provided for this purpose.

3. Arrival / Departure:

For better organization, Natura Lodge receives its guests from 4:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. The customer must notify Natura Lodge in the event of late arrival.

Departure from the site must take place before 11 a.m. (before 10 a.m. for gîtes).

Respecting the arrival and departure times guarantees the proper maintenance of the rented premises.

4. Rental Cancellation

Because we can unfortunately never predict the unpredictable, we strongly advise you to take out cancellation insurance when booking with our partner "Campez Couvert".

4.1 - Any cancellation must be notified by yourself BEFORE your arrival by email or telephone.

For any canceled stay:

  • More than 1 month before the arrival date: we will retain the 25% deposit paid;
  • Between 1 month and 2 weeks before the arrival date: we will retain 50% of the total amount of your reservation;
  • For any stay canceled within 15 days before the arrival date: we will retain 100% of the total amount of your reservation.

These costs may be reimbursed if the accommodation has been re-rented during the period in question.

If the tenant does not appear within 24 hours of the scheduled arrival date, the contract becomes void and the total amount of the rental remains acquired by Natura Lodge. In this case, Natura Lodge reserves the right to re-let the accommodation.

We consider that we are not responsible for any unfavorable weather: this reason for cancellation is in no way valid. 

For any modified or postponed stay, a file management fee of €30 will be charged subject to being able to offer another accommodation or another available date that is suitable in the same year. Otherwise, a postponement to another year will not be accepted and cancellation fees will be applied as defined above.

No cancellation will be possible with a Gift Voucher: only a postponement will be offered depending on our availability and only for the current year.

4.2 - Cancellation notified by Natura Lodge BEFORE your stay

In the event of a weather alert or flood alert, with external events announced beyond our control, such as very heavy rain, storm or thunderstorm, Natura Lodge reserves the right to cancel your stay for reasons of security. In this context, we will suggest that you postpone your stay to a later date in the current year.

4.3 - Cancellation notified by yourself ON SITE

If the stay is cut short for any reason, the total rental price remains with Natura Lodge. No refunds will be made.

4.4 - Cancellation notified by Natura Lodge ON SITE

In the event of an orange or red weather alert with announced external events beyond our control, Natura Lodge reserves the right to cancel your night for security reasons. Relocation to another type of accommodation will be offered to you according to our availability and without supplement, and in this case only. No other indemnity can be claimed. Only if we did not have a relocation solution available, all the sums paid will be refunded to you or a postponement of the date will be offered to you in the current year.

4.5 - Covid-19

Stays booked directly and affected by containment measures or leave restrictions will be postponed in the form of a credit note valid for 18 months if the customer requests it by email before the date of the stay initially planned.

Stays booked by Wonderbox will be carried over to the current year if the customer requests it by email before the date of the stay initially planned.

5. Reservations with Gift Vouchers:

The reservation made through WonderBox, Naturabox or Ardèche Détente Gift Vouchers becomes effective upon validation of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTC). When making a reservation, the Gift Voucher number is recorded and then validated exclusively at Natura Lodge. From then on, your Gift Voucher will be blocked; it will no longer be usable in any establishment other than Natura Lodge.

Gift Vouchers are not refundable under any circumstances.

As soon as the T&Cs have been validated and upon receipt of the Gift Voucher by post or email, you will receive a confirmation of your reservation by email containing the practical information for your stay.

Warning: if you do not receive the Gift Voucher within 8 days, Natura Lodge may cancel your pre-booking and put the accommodation back up for rental.

6. Security deposit:

6.1 - Unusual accommodation

  • Deposit: for any rental of unusual accommodation, a deposit must be deposited on the day of your arrival in the form of a bank imprint.

6.2 - Cottages

  • Security deposit: for any rental of our gîtes, a security deposit must be deposited on the day of your arrival in the form of a bank imprint.
  • Cleaning deposit: cleaning is not included in our price. A cleaning deposit of 50 € (Gîte Capitelle) / 70 € (Gîte Boriette) must be deposited on arrival (bank imprint).
    If on your departure the cleaning of the equipment and the premises is not done or unsatisfactory, the cleaning necessary for the repair is systematically invoiced according to the scale noted on the contract (50 € or 70 €) and your Bank Card debited for this amount.
  • Cleaning service: if you do not wish to do the cleaning, the cleaning service is charged at €50 (Capitelle cottage) / €70 (Boriette cottage). This service must be ordered no later than the day of your arrival.
    Warning: the gîte must be returned in "correct" condition and the cleaning of the kitchen area (dishes and fridge), the griddle and the bins remains your responsibility in all cases.

6.3 - Groups

  • In the event of privatization, a deposit of €1,000 will be required in the form of bank imprint. It will be destroyed if no damage is caused. is noted and once the cleaning of the common areas (common room, dishes, floors and fridge), the professional kitchen of the Natura Lodge (dishes, floors and cold room) and the plancha (complete cleaning) carried out and emptied bins.

7. Children:

All our accommodations are accessible to children with no minimum age required. The huts are accessible by a staircase and secured by a gate.

Children remain the responsibility of their parents. Children must not under any circumstances access the pool area alone. Any violation of this rule may put an immediate end to the stay without indemnity or compensation.

8. Pool:

The Domaine's secure swimming pool is open 24 hours a day in fine weather. Its paddling pool is open in July and August.

Silence is required from 8 p.m. to 10 a.m.

The gate to access the pool area must always be kept closed. Anyone who does not respect this safety instruction will be immediately and definitively excluded from the swimming pool without indemnities or compensation.

9. Lights:

Smoking is not permitted in the accommodations. Smoking is permitted subject to using the ashtrays provided on each terrace and in the grounds.

Candles, incense, spirals against insects, charcoal barbecues or all other sources of fire are strictly prohibited on the site. Any violation of this rule may put an immediate end to the stay without indemnities or compensation.

10. Animals:

Our friends the pets are not allowed either in the accommodation or on the estate.

11. Noise pollution:

Natura Lodge is appreciated for its calm and offers you nature in the background!

Out of respect for each of our guests (human beings and wildlife), no sound source is tolerated (radio, music, CD, speakers...) on the site, daytime like night.

Silence is also required from 9:30 p.m.

12. Prices:

Our prices are inclusive of all taxes. Only the rates appearing on the "Rates" tab of our Website are authentic.

Our rates include the rental of accommodation and its equipment, charges (water, electricity, heating), breakfasts (excluding gîtes) and access to the swimming pool (outdoor and unheated).

Bedding is provided (beds not made on arrival) except for reservations made with a Wonderbox, Naturabox or Passtime gift voucher (mandatory flat rate to be paid) and for stays in a gîte.


Towels are only provided for stays of 4 nights or more.
Motorcyclists welcome: we will provide you with towels in any case ;-)

Our prices do not include personal consumption (packed lunches, drinks and various supplements), access to paid leisure activities (sauna and massages), the deposit, cleaning (gîtes) and tourist tax.< /p>

13. Personal effects and accommodation equipment:

It is recommended not to leave valuables in the accommodations. A safe is available in each of them. Natura Lodge disclaims all liability in the event of theft.

The tenant agrees to report any lost, broken, stolen or damaged equipment. The amount of damage may be charged.

14. Capacity:

The rental of accommodation is established for a specific number of people. If the number of people exceeds that planned, Natura Lodge may refuse these additional customers for security and insurance reasons.

External visits are prohibited, except by prior agreement.

Under no circumstances do outside visitors have access to the swimming pool.

15. Lost and Found:

At the end of your stay, you are invited to check that you have not left any personal effects in your accommodation or in the common areas. Any personal item, excluding perishable goods, must be claimed within one month of your departure. The objects found can be shipped after receipt of the amount of postage relating to this shipment.