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With family

Sports activities with children

Canoeing with toddlers is possible from the age of 4 with " Cèze Canoës” in Goudargues! And get a 10% discount from Natura Lodge! 

The Via Ardèche by bike is a greenway that runs for 28 km between the village of Grospierres (20 km from Barjac) and that of Vogüé (30 km from Barjac). This route, which uses an old railway line, is completely secure and reserved exclusively for cyclists and hikers. A flat and very easy course of around 1h35 with viaducts, tunnels and remarkable viewpoints.

To be closer to the animals

The Animal park of the Gorges de l'Ardèche in Vagnas (5 minutes from Barjac) offers you a break nature ! You will discover a wide variety of animals there. Free pony ride for little vacationers.

Trekâne offers you to hike with a donkey in the Gorges de l'Ardèche: an activity for lovers of donkeys and nature. The donkey becomes the friend of the family, the confidant and the carrot that helps children advance! You can go on day hikes or tours over several days.

Outdoor Escape Games

Two treasure hunts to discover by bike or on foot: one from Barjac (or Natura Lodge), the other departing from St-Jean de Maruéjols (6 km from Natura Lodge).

Go on a treasure hunt in Maubois ! A dozen events along a hiking trail in the shade of the oaks to discover the local heritage and... the treasure of Maubois!
A permanent, free activity to do independently all year. Easy 3km trail, from 5 years old. Duration: 2 hrs.
Map to be obtained from the reception of Aven d'Orgnac (10 mins from Natura Lodge)

The “la Baume des Fades” in Méjannes-le-Clap (16 km from Barjac) is a shaded walk of 1.4 km perfectly suited to children. Punctuated by 18 stations with explanatory panels, it invites the whole family to open up to nature by appealing to the 5 senses through fun games.

Track games by bike or on foot

A day in the Cévennes

The Little Steam Train of the Cévennes transports you to the Vallée des Gardons, between Saint-Jean du Gard and Anduze. An original, entertaining and instructive journey among grandiose landscapes!

To be combined with a visit to the extraordinary Bambouseraie in Anduze and discover the magic and exoticism of the unique bamboo forest of Europe! La Bambouseraie is an invitation to reverie, contemplation and tranquility with its extraordinary botanical garden. It is located near Anduze, at the gateway to the Cévennes, just 40 minutes from the Natura Lodge. A Zen Eden where many scenes from "Wages of Fear" were shot!

And to complete this beautiful day, don't miss the "Parfum d'Aventure" park in Générargues to travel from the age of two in the trees on an Eco-responsible and protected site. We love it!!!

The crocodile farm

Unique in Europe, the Pierrelatte Crocodile Farm (45 minutes from Barjac) is a huge landscaped greenhouse of 8,000 m², with an outdoor course of 4,000 m² in which more than 400 animals roam.

Rosalies, 2CV or Vélorail?

What could be better than sharing a little Rosalie ride with the family? At OCCITAN'E-BIKE in Goudargues, the "4-seater" Rosalies Berg are equipped with two seats with pedals and two child seats. It's up to you to choose between muscular rosalies or electrically assisted rosalies ;-)

Test slow tourism by renting a Genuine 2CV in Valvignères to experience the Ardèche but... not too much quickly ;-) The good life, the sun, the cicadas, nature and above all... take the time to discover, enjoy and live. The Dolce vita, sorry the Deuch'é Vita offers itself over to you! 

The Vélorail in Saint-Jean le Centennier, just 45 km from Barjac, is a shaded 10 km route in the hills of southern Ardèche with 5 viaducts and 1 tunnel.

Leisure parks

  • The forest of Emile Zarbre” in Saint-Remèze: a unique site for kids, green and shady, with wooden games and picnic areas. Our favourite!
  • The "Parfum d'Aventure" Park in Générargues to travel from the age of two in the trees on an Eco-responsible and protected site. We love it!!!
  • The Children’s Village” in Montagnac: a natural and ecological amusement park. Very very nice!
  • Outdoor escape game in St Jean-de-Maruejols (3 km from Barjac): connected thanks to your smartphone, discover the old mines of St Jean. An activity in the middle of nature for young and old!
  • The Indy Park” between Vallon Pont d’Arc and Barjac: 255 games spread over 17 courses for the whole family and its original “Musicians Wood”
  • "Hang on to the Branches" in Vallon Pont d'Arc: with 7 tree climbing courses, 1200 m of zip lines and a children's play village
  • Paintball” at Barjac
  • Cèze Park” in Montclus: a park for 2-12 year olds
  • Dinopedia Park” at Grande-Combe: for a journey through time among the dinosaurs (ask us for a free entry for a child ;-)
  • Water pearl swimming pool” in Lablachère: open all year round with paddling pools, fun pools, slides, etc. 
  • Family Water Leisure Park” at La Bouscarasse: for a refreshing fun break