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Our well-being services

For stays under the sign of well-being, comfort and relaxation, prefer Natura Lodge. Simply recharge your batteries in our unusual accommodation with swimming pool between Ardèche and Gard. Our swimming pool is secure and is open from Easter to All Saints' Day. Access is prohibited for unaccompanied children. No restrictive hours, you can swim 24 hours a day. The pool area is 12 meters long and 5 wide. Bask on the deckchairs, under the warm sun of Ardèche and Gard. The little ones, under 3 years old, will have access to a paddling pool.


Moments of relaxation - The sauna

For your stays in our unusual accommodation with swimming pool and massages between Ardèche and Gard, we offer a small infrared sauna for two people. The session for one or two people is 20 €. The sauna is an excellent anti-stress during your stays in our atypical accommodations.

The touch seated massage

The seated massage provides recovery and relaxation in just 20 minutes. It is carried out on the clothes. You benefit from the benefits provided by this sequence of movements that go from the lower back, to the top of the head, including the hands. Véro performs seated massages in the garden.


Angélique invites you to discover Shiatsu. It is a Japanese manual treatment resulting from traditional Chinese medicine aimed at restoring the body-mind balance, in order to reconnect with its deep resources. Like the seated massage, it is performed on soft clothing. Angélique uses the pressure of the thumbs and hands along the meridians, as well as gentle joint movements and energetic stretches.

Our other moments of relaxation

We also offer other more traditional massages of 30, 60 or 90 minutes, thanks to our partnership with two practitioners who will come to the Natura Lodge site, by reservation only. Let yourself be pampered and pampered during your stopovers in our unusual quiet accommodation between the Ardèche and the Gard.

The amount of moments of relaxation

  • Alice offers traditional massages: € 25 for 30 minutes and € 50 for 60 minutes, by reservation
  • Myriam offers Tuina well-being massages: € 50 for 60 minutes and € 70 for 90 minutes, by reservation
  • Angélique offers Shiatsu sessions: 60 € for 75 minutes, by reservation
  • Véro offers Seated Massage sessions: € 15 for 20 minutes
  • Small infrared sauna for two: € 20 per session for 1 or 2 people